Tis' the season..........

Rudolph secrets

The first of Rudolph secrets is that he stands.

Just spread his legs, careful not to make a full crease.

The second of Rudolph secrets is that he separates from the card.

With your thumbs on the green "X"s and your index fingers underneath,

pinch and pull apart until they separate. 

Again on the green "X"s pull apart the front leg.

Next release the rear leg and discard extra piece.

Finally repeat on the other side.

Display "as is" or continue for more options.

To fully release Rudolph pinch the  "X"s with your thumb

 and index finger and pull apart.

Completely remove and "voila" a 3-D folded sticker of Rudolph.

The third secret may look painful, but I assure you there will be no screaming.

Slowly and carefully spread the two rear legs apart, with a little skill you can separate the halves of the sticker.


The material the sticker is made of is a plastic that's super thin,

 like hair thickness thin.  So go slow, better results.

The example shows a pencil, but the choices are many.  

Like a drinking straw, toothpick or a skewer.

Maybe a charging cord, string of x-mas lights etc.

A loop of string creates an ornament or an earring.

Also a name tag or the edge of a sign, so many possibilities.

The forth secret is you can remove the inside hoofs,

 thus exposing sticky adhesive.

First fold each hoof on the cut line

 "between the green arrows"

 so the hoofs flare outward. 

Bottom view, using your fingernail,

 draw it across the cut line,

 lifting the hoof off to be discarded properly.

With the inner hoofs removed the options to display Rudolph are limitless.

The next picture is a collage of display ideas to inspire your placement.

I would love to see your displays, send to

There is so many ways to display Rudolph, have fun.

Instruction for folding

cut into single sticker

pre-fold using perforations, three times

Using a credit card remove paper backing

fold the ends toward the center, then fold both halves together