So creating a logo for a company can be challenging, but this all flowed together smoothly. First, I knew the theme was "joy", so I typed the word JOY on my computer and sat back. Second, the song "Joy to the World" started to play in my head, not the Christmas tune, but the Jerimiah was a bullfrog one, by Three Dog Night. The next step seemed obvious, replace the "O" with an image of earth. After doing so, the logo looked flat or 2-dimentional. I added another "J and Y", squished them a little to add perspective and colored them differently utilizing the colors of the earth image. "Voila," a 3-D image that embodies the feeling of joy spread around the planet, just need a few tweaks to make the image pop . So I set the logo in a dark background and a white outline to make the image stand out. I realize it's not professional quality, but I hope someone with blender skills create a .GIF where the globe spins counter-clockwise and the letters spin clockwise. If you are up to the challenge let me know.

Naming a website had some unexpected twists, first I typed in joy.com and ended up on a global mining company site. Apparently they bought Joy Global Inc and inherited the joy.com URL, so that was a dead end. Utilizing the letters in the logo I tried jjoyy.com and ended up at a Japanese skincare site, and many other social media references to JJOYY. A little discouraged, I tried to come up with some sort of variation. Then it came to me ".ORG," the only issue was the non-profit part and after more research, realized the .ORG is for educational, inspirational or an organization, not just non-profits. Which fit my needs perfectly, because I want this site to educate people of the craft of sticker folding, to inspire new ways to manipulate stickers into unique creations. Also to form a community of artists sharing ideas and techniques that proliferate joy.