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My sister in-law was traveling through the Pacific Northwest a few months ago, during her visit she expressed a wish to create pink Butterflies for her friends non-profit. Sounded fun so here we are, it's a pretty simple single fold design, but you may need some new skills to release the butterfly.

The butterfly will completely separate from the backing in a few simple steps.

First, with the top of the ballet slipper facing you (front), peel the left wing toward yourself. It takes a small tug to get started. Be sure to peel the wing to the edge of the ballet slipper.

Second, repeat the same process to the right wing.

Make sure both wings are peeled back to slipper.

Now, push the small tab at the heel of the ballet slipper from the back to the front. Pinch the tab between your thumb and index finger with your other hand pinch the top of the backing.

SLOWLY..... peel the butterfly from the backing.

Emphasis on slow, the layer of adhesive is thicker than the plastic film it's applied to, hence if you pull to fast the plastic may stretch and break, or all the adhesive will strip away from plastic film. Good luck.

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